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Brandon Hernandez, Co-founder of Whole Brain Consulting: 1310 KFKA Radio Podcast “More Bacon Please"

Brandon Hernandez, co-founder of Whole Brain Consulting and food quality expert, appeared on 1310 KFKA radio podcast “More Bacon, Please!” Wednesday October 23, 2018 to discuss the ins and outs of the food industry from a manufacturing perspective. While “More Bacon, Please!” typically plumbs the depths of the restaurant industry, the interview with Hernandez follows the rabbit hole even deeper, getting into the practicalities of how restaurants, food manufacturers and suppliers protect consumers. Food safety and food quality are Hernandez’s speciality, borne from his bachelor’s of science in biology from Colorado State University and his time working for Rodell Custom Blending, Whitewave Foods (formerly Zateca Foods), Prime Choice and Claremont. Hernandez then started his own food quality consultancy, which later merged with Right Brain Consulting to become Whole Brain Consulting.

This isn’t the first time “More Bacon Please!” has excavated the world of food safety, but Hernandez brings an exceptionally deep well of knowledge on the topic. In addition to advising on food safety protocols and how to navigate a food product recall, Hernandez advises food companies, co-manufacturers and co-packers on ingredient sourcing, transportation, sanitation applications and safe research and development in the food industry. In this podcast, Hernandez reveals industry secrets such as the most common mistake that puts food companies at risk for a food product recall and what steps food companies should take to minimize risk of contamination.

Whole Brain Consulting is a food industry consultancy that specializes in operations management and third party outsourcing of food industry operations, including those in the arena of food safety and quality. The consultancy has advised over 100 food companies and has offices in both Boulder, Colorado and Chicago, Illinois. Hernandez heads up all food safety and food quality client relations.

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