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Episode 47 – Turn Your Failures Into Strengths with Brandon Hernandez

Food safety and the food supply chain are things we are all thinking about more often. Brandon Hernandez is a co-founder of Whole Brain Consulting and has decades of experience in the food supply chain services industry.

In this episode of Permission to Succeed, Doug Heikkinen and Brandon discuss how people work to keep the food supply chain safe, other trends within his industry, how he helps others evaluate and invest in opportunities, and advice that Brandon has for entrepreneurs.

  • How demand skewed the food supply chain at the beginning of COVID-19, and how businesses were forced to respond

  • How current space allocation on trucks to meet demand is going to affect small brands going forward

  • How the caloric density of nutritional food is going to drive food development as the population continues to increase

  • How Whole Brain Consulting works with private equity firms to evaluate potential investment opportunities in this industry

  • Brandon’s tips for moving past a “plateau phase” to grow a sustainable, thriving business

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