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The Challenge

A multi-billion-dollar company, set to launch a line of low-calorie power bars with 19 SKUs, faced a critical setback in the eleventh hour. Their existing co-manufacturer made substantial material changes just 35 days before production, leaving the company in a tight spot. Despite having already negotiated terms, the sudden shift forced them to seek an alternative. Referred by a personal connection, the company turned to Whole Brain Consulting for a swift and effective solution.

The Solution

Tasked with the monumental challenge of securing a new co-manufacturer just 30 days before the scheduled launch, Whole Brain Consulting deployed a team of experts. The seamless execution of the project, both on time and within budget, showcased the efficiency of our process, which included:

  1. Project Onboarding & Initiation: A rapid and comprehensive initiation process to understand the client's requirements, timelines, and specific challenges.

  2. Unique Vetting Process: Leveraged our extensive network of over 12,000+ connections, cross-referenced with a meticulous blacklist, to identify potential co-manufacturers.

  3. Meeting Facilitation: Organized and facilitated meetings for capabilities assessment and relationship management, ensuring alignment with the client's expectations. Facilitated document exchange for a transparent and informed decision-making process.

  4. Contract Management & Negotiation: Applied our expertise in contract management to ensure mutually beneficial terms and navigate negotiations effectively.

  5. Line Trial Assistance: Provided critical support during line trials, offering guidance on food safety, quality assurance, and quality control to ensure a seamless transition.

The Results

The strategic intervention of Whole Brain Consulting yielded remarkable results:

  1. Right Co-Manufacturer Partnership: The client successfully partnered with a co-manufacturer distinguished by quality, persistence, and responsiveness, ensuring a smooth transition.

  2. Client Satisfaction: The client expressed satisfaction with the outcomes, highlighting the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire process.

  3. Ongoing Collaboration: Whole Brain Consulting's team of experts continues to collaborate with the client on other projects, demonstrating the establishment of a trusted and enduring partnership.

This case study not only showcases the ability of Whole Brain Consulting to address complex challenges but also emphasizes the value of our strategic approach in securing successful outcomes and fostering long-term client relationships.

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