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The Challenge

A mid-sized supplement company found itself in a precarious situation, operating for years without any food safety audits, programs, or procedures in place. Recognizing the critical need for compliance and safety standards, the company sought the expertise of Whole Brain Consulting.

The Solution

Whole Brain Consulting swiftly rose to the challenge, undertaking the mission to elevate the client to a Global Food Safety Initiative (GSFI) level within a year. The immediate engagement of our team marked the beginning of a transformational journey, as we were tasked with creating and implementing the necessary procedures and programs.

The Implementation

Our strategic approach encompassed the following key steps:

  1. Procedural Development: Whole Brain Consulting's team of food safety and regulatory compliance professionals worked diligently to create comprehensive procedures tailored to meet the GSFI standards.

  2. Program Implementation: The identified programs were seamlessly integrated into the company's operations, fostering a culture of food safety and compliance.

The Results

The impact of our intervention was evident within a remarkably short timeframe:

  1. Initial Audit Success: Within just 6 months, our team achieved a significant milestone by developing and implementing programs and procedures that led to an impressive 95% score on the client's initial food safety audit.

  2. Sustainable Excellence: The subsequent year saw the implementation of a level 3 quality standard, a testament to the ongoing commitment to excellence. Remarkably, the client maintained a consistently high audit score of 95 and above.

Beyond Compliance: Added Value

In addition to achieving and sustaining the targeted food safety standards, Whole Brain Consulting provided added value by:

  1. Training Initiatives: Conducted comprehensive training programs for the client's staff, ensuring a thorough understanding of the implemented procedures and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

  2. Continuous Monitoring: Instituted a robust monitoring system to ensure ongoing compliance, with regular evaluations and updates to adapt to evolving regulatory requirements.

This case study exemplifies not only the swift and successful resolution of the immediate challenge but also the establishment of a proactive and sustainable approach to food safety and quality standards. Whole Brain Consulting's expertise not only elevated the client to GSFI compliance but also ensured a continuous journey towards excellence in food safety.

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