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The Challenge

A prominent beverage supplement mix company, facing a daunting challenge with formulating their ideas for four distinct SKUs, found themselves at a crossroads. Lacking the in-house expertise required for such a complex task, the company made the strategic decision to outsource the project to WBC, an industry leader with decades of experience.

The Solution

WBC, armed with a commitment to excellence, initiated a comprehensive approach to address the client's needs. Following a thorough discovery meeting, the team at WBC identified the specific consumer deliverables the client desired. The strategic steps taken to overcome the challenge included:

  1. In-Depth Ingredient Sourcing: Conducted extensive research to source top-quality ingredients, aligning with the consumer's preferences and process requirements.

  2. Precision Formulation: Developed a meticulously crafted product formulation, adhering to predetermined product weight specifications and ensuring optimal consumer satisfaction.

  3. Flavor Profile Refinement: Worked diligently to enhance and perfect the flavor profile of the beverage supplement mix, catering to the unique taste preferences of the target audience.

  4. Collaboration with Academic Expertise: Forged a valuable partnership with The University of Nebraska to develop a Process Authority Letter, ensuring a scientifically sound and validated production process.

The Results

The culmination of WBC's efforts resulted in the creation of a best-in-class formula. Empowered by this innovative solution, the client seamlessly transitioned to the subsequent phases of the product launch journey. The achievements included:

  1. Co-Manufacturer Sourcing: WBC played a pivotal role in identifying and partnering with a reputable co-manufacturer, ensuring the scalability and efficiency of the production process.

  2. Contract Negotiation: Skillfully negotiated a mutually beneficial contract that safeguarded the interests of both parties, setting the foundation for a successful collaboration.

  3. Development of Processing Guides: Provided comprehensive processing guides to facilitate a smooth integration of the formulated product into the manufacturing process.

  4. Conducting Line Trials: Executed rigorous line trials to validate the effectiveness and reliability of the formulated beverage supplement mix on an industrial scale.

In conclusion, the collaborative efforts between the beverage supplement mix company and WBC not only addressed the initial formulation challenge but paved the way for a successful product launch. This case study exemplifies how strategic outsourcing, coupled with expert industry knowledge, can lead to innovative solutions and market-ready products.

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