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The Challenge:

In the realm of pet product retail, a major player sought to enhance control and flexibility over its cold supply chain. However, the distribution of cold products posed a challenge, as it was not a core competency for the large-scale retailer.

Our Strategic Approach:

Whole Brain Consulting entered the scene to evaluate the company's initial modeling and craft an optimized process for the distribution of cold products to its stores, whether handled in-house or outsourced. The objective was to inject precision and efficiency into the cold supply chain operations.

The Tailored Solution:

WBC, leveraging its strategic prowess, identified a new distributor and orchestrated a seamless transition. Notably, all shipments were meticulously arranged to be delivered exclusively by temperature-controlled trucks, a strategic move to ensure the preservation of product integrity. This deliberate choice stood in contrast to other potential distributors or third-party logistics providers (3PLs).

The Transformative Results:

The impact of WBC's interventions was nothing short of transformative. The company was projected to save millions in the year 2022 alone by transitioning to a WBC-sourced distributor. Looking ahead, the anticipated annual savings were poised to escalate substantially year over year. The introduction of the new distributor was forecasted to boost fulfillment rates by over 30%, accompanied by a proportional increase in volumes.

Notably, Team WBC achieved more than just financial savings. They successfully eliminated the reliance on small parcel delivery services like FedEx. This strategic move not only improved the overall quality of delivered products but also mitigated potential damage by maintaining consistent temperatures throughout the delivery cycle. The result was not just cost-effectiveness but an elevation in the standard of delivered product quality.

In this endeavor, Whole Brain Consulting not only addressed a logistical challenge but sculpted a solution that not only saved costs but also elevated the overall efficiency and quality standards of the pet product retailer's cold supply chain.

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